How to Make Money Using Facebook

Most people use Facebook to share photos and stay in touch with friends, but did you know that you can use it to earn money as well? There are lots of ways to earn money on Facebook, from using link-type advertising programs to creating a fan page and then selling the posts. You can even use Facebook to advertise and sell your products. If you are interested in making money using Facebook, then check out this wikiHow!

Method 1 - The Basics

1.Make great posts. The foundation of any successful plan to make money with social media is good content and lots of it. On Facebook, that means a stream of interesting links, images, and updates every day.

2.Make a commitment to earn. The only way to reliably make money using Facebook is through persistent work. Like any job, setting a schedule and sticking to it is the key.

Method 2 - Making Money Through Affiliate Advertising and other link-type advertising

1.Find an affiliate program or other link-type advertising programs. Affiliate programs provide you with a unique ID and marketing materials and then pays you a commission based on how much business you generate. So try to find a Good Affiliate marketing website and start earning.

2.Sign up. Once you've decided to market a company as an affiliate, search the company's site and fill out the required forms. This should always be free, and usually only takes a few minutes.

3.Add accounts. Make a Facebook account for each affiliate program or group of programs you sign up for. This allows people to follow your pages based on the things they're interested in, rather than having to sign up for one page full of all different kinds of ads.

4.Promote your programs. Make posts for each of them daily, and maintain your accounts fastidiously. With luck and a good central account with a lot of followers, your affiliate accounts will begin to get followers as well. Whenever anyone clicks your posts and buys something from one of your affiliates, you earn money.

Method 3 - Making Money With an E-book

1.Write an e-book. E-books are just book-format publications that are distributed electronically, rather than printed on paper. Because there's basically no cost to publish an e-book, pretty much anybody with an idea can do it.

2.Pick a publishing option. There are a few free ways to get your e-book published.

3.Get your e-book online. Createspace will post your book automatically. If you published it on your own computer, you can sell it a few different ways:

4.Sell your e-book on Facebook. If you were wise and wrote a book that caters to the audience you've been building up with your primary account, you've got a receptive, ready-made audience for your sales pitch.

Method 4 - Making Money Using Facebook Page

1.Create a Fan page if you don't already have it. So you don't have a fan page yet? well, you will need to create one now because we're talking about making money from Facebook fan page here. Create a fan page about whatever you're interested in, like fishing, funny page, travelling, etc.

2.Write good content. Write good content on your fan page and engage as many as users possible. Once your page starts getting a good response and good amount of likes, you can move to next step

3.Create a Website Related to your Fan page. Now create a website related to your fan page topic if you can afford everything.

4.Sell Fan page posts. So you have a big Facebook fan page but still not sure how to make money from it. Selling posts on your fan page is the easiest way to make money apparently.

Method 5 - Making Money Using Facebook Market of Posts or Fan pages.

1.Become an author of Facebook Posts Market or Facebook Fan pages Market and earns on Selling Posts or Fan pages. Installation guide is included in both scripts (step by step). If you don't know PHP / HTML, is possible to install it for you. The administration doesn't required coding skills so everybody can manage and provide powerful Facebook Markets.


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Published on: 4/3/18, 2:22 AM