How to Earn Money with Your Social Accounts

Earning an extra money with your social media account is much easier than it sounds. Learn how to make extra cash while writing about products and brands that you use every day!

Method 1 - Review and Promote Products

1.Sign up for affiliate programs. An easy way to earn money with your social account is to sign up for major e-commerce partner program, like Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles or Walmart.

2.Pick a product that might interest your friends and followers. It is handy to visit the "popular" section of the shop you want to promote. Try to understand what others would like to see and get to a wide public as possible. Do not post based on what you like, but what most of your friends do. If your public is mostly families with kids, try to pick child-related products.

3.Write a quick review or a tip about the product. Keep it simple so your followers can read the most valuable information without clicking anything. Do not make it sound like advertising; try to make it natural. Explain in few words your experience with a product or write a simple suggestion based on reviews that can be found online.

4.nclude your affiliate link under the post. You can use link shorteners like to make your post look more organized and clean. A shortener will make your affiliate link much more accessible and it will provide you with a lot of inside data and click numbers.

5.Wait for your followers to act. Once your friends and followers purchase anything from the website that you suggested to them, you will earn a small commission. Just remember to not post such reviews to often to avoid your followers to get annoyed and even block you.

Method 2 - Create and Sell Handmade Products

1.Get crafty. Creating handmade products is much easier than it sounds to be. Sites like YouTube and wikiHow are packed with tutorials about it and step by step explanation. Some of your friends, family and followers might love the idea of you offering something that you put a lot of effort to create.

2.Pick one type of product to make and focus on it. Test few different ideas and let your skills to be a deciding factor on what you will follow. If you are good at making jewellery - then do jewellery; nothing else at first.

3.Publish your products on popular handmade websites, like Etsy or UncommonGoods. This way you will increase your exposure while using your social connections to "jump start" increasing your visibility on the web.

4.Make sure to deliver high-quality products made from solid pieces. It is a good practice to add a free bonus, even small one, with your crafts delivery. This will help you to build up a good relationship with your customers. Also, add a small appreciation note with a link to your storefront.

Method 3 - Get Paid to Advertise Brands

1.Sign up for a website that helps you to connect with brands and advertisers. Your job will be simple - writing about products to your followers. The more followers you have, the better payout you will be offered.

2.Always provide high-quality content. Make sure you do your research well and that you follow advertisers requirements.

3.Make your posts look natural. Do not write clearly advertising pieces, instead go ahead with quality and interesting pieces that will attract your friends. Write about your own experiences with the brand and provide your opinion about it.


source: wikiHow



Published on: 4/5/18, 9:57 AM