Thousands can earn by sitting at home through these 10 websites
If you are fond of shooting videos and have never been able to capture some strange things in your camera, then you can make money by uploading these videos to YouTube. Through this, you can reduce 60 pounds every month, or about 4500 or more.


2. Google Adsense
Adsense is part of Google. You must have a website to earn money on it. On your website, you add an ad from Google Adsense. After that whenever you click on these Adsense Ed uploaded to your website, you will get a commission. This commission can be from 10 to 15 dollars or more on one click. As soon as your commission reaches 100 dollars you can withdraw your money.


This is a survey website that you can earn money by playing pole, watching videos, searching or playing games. Those who want quick cash through Fun Tasks can sign up on this website. On this, you can earn about 25 pounds i.e. that is about Rs 2000 rupees per month.
Here, you get money when searching the web through Qumi. That is, if you have to search anything on the Internet then do it on Qumi instead of Google. Keep in mind that search should be done in a normal manner, by repeatedly searching the same thing in the roundabout of earning money or repeatedly clicking on the same link will not help.


5. Maximiles dot to dot UK

You can earn money only by watching videos on this website. These video clips are short announcements. Every day new videos are uploaded on this website, the more videos you watch, the more money you earn. Here earnings are calculated according to the points, for example, you can get 25 pounds instead of 6300 points.


6. offers you the cost of writing content. There are many projects on this website, you can select the topic based on your ability and write on it. Not only the content, you can also work on graphic designing, data entry, translation etc. and earn money. The website offers payment according to the project.



Through this website, you can earn money by working on data entry, web research, product review and data tagging. Before you work on this website, you have to give a test and for most projects, it is necessary to get at least 90 percent score. After this, there are 2 dollars for small projects and up to $ 5 per project for big projects.



If you are a good article writer, then you can earn from $ 500 to $ 9000 per month through this website. For this, you need to log on to this website and select your favourite topic and post your resume. After that, you can write for this website.

If you like to do photography then you can earn money from your hobby now. You can upload your clicked photos on Whenever someone downloads your photo, Shutterstock will pay you in return. It also receives from $ 0.25 to $ 28 per photo download.


10. In Dot

If you want to earn money by doing online surveys, then it may be a great option. New surveys are issued every day on this website. You have to subscribe by submitting these surveys. In return, you get some points and you can redeem them once the points have been deposited.

Published on: 3/4/18, 10:04 AM